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Potholing is the process of locating utilities underground or around a given area prior to construction or building projects in order to locate utilities and map them.

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Potholing is the process of locating utilities underground or around a given area before construction or building projects to locate utilities and mapping. While utilizing a non-destructive digging method that uses vacuum excavation, AirX can use modern Hydrovac Excavation techniques to dig precise holes to expose and identify utility lines. As a result, we can create reports that map out the area and alleviate project stoppage.

AIR Utility Surveyors performs a full range of specialized engineering services, including Underground Utility Location and Vacuum Excavation (to verify the depth and alignment of underground utilities).

Underground Utility Location employs sophisticated electronic locating devices to trace the route of an underground utility; then, the route is marked on the surface with marking paint in paved areas or with 60 penny nails and feathers
in unpaved areas.

Vacuum excavation employs a vacuum truck in conjunction with high-pressure air or water to excavate material and expose an underground utility. A 10 to 12-inch diameter hole is first cored or chiseled through the pavement so that the vacuum hose and high-pressure air or water hose can be inserted.

Utilities found during potholing are located on the surface by placing two reference points (typically 36" apart) on either side of the pothole along the centerline (or edge) of the utility, using paving nails or 60 penny nails as appropriate. Depth measurements (to the nearest ½ inch) are taken midway between the two reference points.

Utility alignment, depth, and other data are marked with pink paint (on pavement) or on wood lath (unpaved areas).

Traffic Control Set Up is Encouraged and Many Times Mandatory

When working on the street, traffic control services are going to come into play for the safety of not only our AirX Team but of the drivers and pedestrians that may encounter our job site activity.

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